Castle Clash Hack


Description: This is a brand new version of the famous Castle Clash Hack and things have changed a lot! Now you can run the hack in your browser, it works online without downloading anything. You can visit the online hack website by clicking on the button above or here. You can use it to generate free gems, gold and mana instantly. We all know that with these options, you will be able to completely dominate this game. No one will be able to beat you, if that’s what you want. We’re keeping it free for now, but that could change if we get too much attention. So get it now if you don’t want to pay. :)


The hack itself works on all platforms (pc, android, ios, mac etc.) since all you need to run it is a mobile browser! The resources can be generated for all accounts. As you can see below, a lot can be achieved by using it.

Castle clash hack proof

Here’s some more informations about our hack tool!

Hey, how is everyone doing? Because I’m doing great right now, do you know why? Because today is the day we’re going to release a fully functional Castle Clash Hack. You all know what Castle Clash is if you’ve stumbled upon this page. If you somehow never heard of this awesome game then let me quickly introduce it to you. Castle Clash is a mobile strategy game currently available on iOs and Android. Every aspect of the game feels similar (but better) to one of the best mobile strategy games – Clash of Clans. But that’s the thing about strategy games available on iOs and Android – they’re all very similar. Anyway, Castle Clash is already seeing a big success after it has been installed on millions of devices both on iOs and Android and there are thousands of players joining in everyday! You can already find dozens of reviews about this game and pretty much all of them are very positive. In Castle Clash it’s your job to manage your very own village and expand it as time goes on. You construct various buildings, recruit armies and attack other players. The design is very good and the game feels very smooth. If you haven’t yet played this game then it’s about the time you start! If you already are a Castle Clash player then you’ll be very happy to hear about our Castle Clash Cheats that will let you completely dominate this game in a very short period of time without spending any money on gems (you’ll simply generate them) and without wasting tons of your time. Sounds fun, right?

What features does the Castle Clash Hack have?

- Gems Hack
- Mana Hack
- Gold Hack

There is really nothing else to add, all of the features above are self-explanatory. With the gems, mana and gold generators you will be able to insert ANY amount of these resources into your account and it will take less than a few seconds. One of the other important features of our Castle Clash Hack is the fact that it’s fully¬†undetectable and bulletproof. There is NO RISK of getting your account banned for using our cheats, it simply won’t happen. There is also no need to root or jailbreak your device to use this. This will also work for ANY device with iOs or Android. It now also works fully online, meaning that you won’t have to download anything and the hack will be accessible through your internet browser.

Why should we use the Castle Clash Cheats?

We developed this hack because we’re sick of seeing more and more “freemium” type of mobile games that are literally flooding App Store and Google Play. People can easily get addicted to these games and that addiction process works the same as it does for gamblers. It’s dangerous and it isn’t a joke. There are already thousands of people who spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on freemium games and there is more of them each year. I mean, these games are fun, but should they really be about “who pays the most”? At the moment you’ve got no chance of competing against a player who spends $1000 per week on gems, he’ll simply be able to destroy you no matter how good you are, only because he bought some resources with his real money. Not everyone can afford that. That’s why we’re giving you a free and easy way to get all those benefits of a “paying player” without actually spending a dime in-game.

How does this work?

Now to answer your second question: You need to understand that we can’t tell you every technical aspect on how our hack tool works, simply because it would make it a lot easier for IGG (I GOT GAMES) to patch it if they knew exactly how it works. So I can’t give you a proper answer to this question, but does it really matter how it works? The only thing you really need to know is that IT DOES WORK. We can tell you some stuff though – after you press that “Generate” button there are some encrypted chunks of data being sent to several DC’s around the world to make sure they can’t be tracked back to us, they contain your details, they are then being cloaked and spoofed to be sent to IGG’s servers where it is being read as a data package coming from the game itself that adds resources to your account.

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4 Responses

  1. jaack says:

    Oh yeah dude, there are no working hacks for Castle Clash… This is fake

    I actually decided to download and test it after all and wow I’m surprised but it DID work!!!

  2. francys says:

    Castle Clash is a cool game

  3. Darkm says:

    I had to complete a survey to download but I’m glad that I did since this thing actually worked for me! The added resources showed up within 30 seconds and I could spend them on everything – they didn’t disappear. Thanks!

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